Calisthenics Workout Routines – FULL BODY GUIDE (incl. Warm up/Alternatives/Progression)

Calisthenics intermediate Workout Routines with Exercises for FULL Body. Complete Workouts incl. Warm Up & Progression
Methods. Intermediate Level generally but also some Basics & Advanced.

See also the previous Video: BEGINNER CALISTHENICS Training: Complete FULL BODY Workout Guide – Exercises & Routines

Music used: Dance of the Pixies by Jens Kiilstofte
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

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Kris Karlsson

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  1. THANKS for watching, and BEFORE ASKING about SETS/REPS/INFO/PROGRESSION/"How many times a week can I Exercise?" etc. – PLEASE at least watch the FULL Video :) Thanks.
    00:0501:24 Warm Up
    01:2503:14 Back/Biceps
    03:1504:23 Shoulders
    04:2505:55 Legs/Glutes
    05:5607:02 Chest/Triceps
    07:0308:08 Abs/Core
    08:0909:26 Progression Methods/Variation
    09:2710:15 Workout Examples, Structures & Tips. "How often Can I Exercise?"

  2. When doing the full body workout, should you complete the number of sets of each exercise consecutively before moving to the next one? Or should you do it in circuits?
    edit: I'd expect the former to be more tiresome


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